We’ve Talked About It, So…….

Nothing.. absolutely nothing has changed!!


….why the f**k hasn’t it happened? (Not quite ready to swear yet, too early for online swearing).

This morning has been the usual humdinger of a morning. 6am began with MO winding up LO, getting hurt by him and then sliding down his usual helterskelter of woe and ending up in a proper shite mood. For some reason he doesn’t understand that jumping on our bed at that time of the morning and shouting at the top of his voice isn’t acceptable by anyone’s standards.. certainly not our Very-Quiet-Despite-Also-Having-Children-Neighbours. He then proceeded to slam his bedroom door repeatedly (although we were edging towards 6.30 so police/socialservices/noisenuisance team, slightly less likely to be called). By the time I had got downstairs to iron, yes I did type that correctly – changes are afoot as promised – his clothes for school.. I was then told I didn’t care because he…

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