Hmm.. less vegan more vegetarian…

So… after being ripped into AGAIN by a friend (you know who you are!) about my propensity to eat er… non-vegan foods…….. (I was HUNGRY and it was Monster Munch crisps.. and then I was HUNGRY again and so I had a piece of toast… and I won’t let my chickens eggs go to waste and can’t we just pretend honey is grown?.. bees are very small after all.. and no I don’t know if the red wine was vegan.. and yes I do know that I said I was going to try not to drink….. but Rome n’ all that.. And anyway, life is very stressy and I have lots of assignments and children…. and now students are staying.. and… and… life has taken a particularly demented turn.. literally)… I am now rephrasing this trial to erm… Trying to Eat a Mainly Plant Based Diet.


BUT, on the flip side (always gotta be a flip side)… this is what I have found surprisingly easy…

Peanut butter makes the world go round. Either on apple, with carrot or on a ryvita. It works.

Black tea and coffee is something I am slowly getting used to.

I do love the feel good saintly factor of eating a plant based meal (and I have done this at every lunch and dinner sitting I will have you know) and knowing that for that moment, I AM holier than thou. I like the fact that I am not eating an animal that has experienced suffering. I am happy that I poo like the more normal person. I like that my belly is slowly deflating (slowly being the operative word) and that my digestive system, whilst initially up in arms (up in intestines??) about this whole bean overload, is probably doing a celebratory jig as nutrients can finally start making their way through my previously clogged full of crap intestinal membranes.

I don’t like my irritability, but to be fair, to get rid of that might take a whole lot more than just adjusting my diet!!

And anyway, its the 22nd soon isn’t it??

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