Hmmm.. Failure on the first day.. 

Not an all out out failure. Well actually yeah it was. I blame the conference I attended today.. It had the most amazing food I have ever tasted at a teaching day. Mint, feta and pea quiche… Avocado and mozzarella purée on a brown roll.. You catch my drift.. My kale and 3 bean salad with ryvita and pureed beetroot dip was not going to last me the day. End of. 

I have realised that my normal portion sizes aren’t cutting it and that I need to be more prepared for days like today. I felt I had eaten alot yesterday but in fact I only had around 1400 calories.. AND went to the gym. Ceasing wonders and all that. 

The fact that it was a very interesting course on how human factors affect health care staved off the usual ‘need to stuff my face/stave off boredom’ and so resisting numerous cakes and biscuits wasn’t too hard.. (but I still think they were put there as a trap).

However we received our lovely fresh veg box from Fin and Farm this evening.. and it will be a race to see if we can use the veg before they go off thereby negating the lovely, fluffy feeling from being all ‘holier than thou’  caused by shopping local and avoiding Tesco. 

We also spent what felt like millions of pounds on buying items from an online health food store (so as not to line the pockets of Holland Barrett but instead probably doing a local shop out of custom.. You can’t really save money and win ethically can you?). And I shall be flexing my culinary muscles tomorrow in a bid to further convince Mr P that this is all a good idea. 

Tonight had me making some power balls that include peanut butter, honey, sesame seeds, cocoa powder and dessicated coconut… Oh and btw I realise honey isn’t vegan.. Neither are eggs.. But if I don’t eat the eggs our 2 chickens provide.. Isn’t that somehow worse? Oh OK I admit.. I’m a bit shit at this… AND have just remembered that we have friends coming on Friday so I will be having a glass of wine.. Ha but it will be vegan wine! 🍷

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