A plant based foray

Today is my first day of going vegan. I’ll be aiming to cut out all refined sugar, yeast and the one I’m probably least happy about… booze. All for 26 days. This is because I have just planned a last minute birthday shindig on 22nd July and will be going yurting in Cornwall in August where I am hoping to don a bikini (if the weather manages to allow it) and don’t really fancy looking or feeling like this anymore.

As you can see I have an incredibly bloated abdomen which is accompanied by lots of lovely sounds and smells. Nice. I am not sticking it out, honestly.

I have a couple of fungal infections caused by too much candida that seems to having a right good ol’ time raging inside and outside my body. My hair is getting thinner, PMT worse and I am smellier than I used to be. Delightful eh?

I have battled with my ethical demons for many years and with a couple of extra stone for the past 8. So going plant based seems like a good option. Unfortunately I like the taste of meat – not something I am particularly proud of but there you have it. I don’t anticipate this to be the easiest three and half weeks but I am hoping that by the end of it, the benefits outweigh the cravings and that’ll lead to a healthier life with a clearer conscious.  However, I am going to the South of France with two uni friends in August as well.. not sure how easily the cheese will get past me unswallowed (word?) and I already know that red wine will most definitely be drunk!


2 thoughts on “A plant based foray

  1. You are so brave for doing this I think you’re amazing and I wish you all the best thoughout!
    I’ve been vegetarian for most my life and I’m trying so very hard to go vegan and I’m struggling. It’s not easy but if you are determined then I’m sure you will do it. Good luck my love 🍀


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