Day 27 eh? (Sobriety tales)

And here I am.. on day 27 of the no drinking lark. To be honest, I am absolutely fecking flabbergasted that I am here. No alcohol (de nada, niente, rien) has passed my lips since the 30th of September. I won’t deny that I took an exceptionally long inhale (x 3) of some red wine on Tuesday night as some friends and I sat round the table, chewing the cud. I also won’t deny that it has taken some equally exceptional willpower and mental strength not to throw my arms up dramatically into the air and scream ‘fuck iiiiiiiiiiit’, whilst galloping on my pretend steed (another story for another time) to the local Co-Op, making use of my student discount to buy a bottle of said red. But I haven’t given in (yet, there is another 4 days to go after all) and that is partly thanks to… drum roll please….introducing my new friend……Beck’s Blue..


Apparently it’s shite in comparison to the Nanny State beer (which is being purchased as we speak by Mr P).. I’ll consume and let you know.

So despite hating Fridays as there is a severe lack of punctuation marking the end of the working week, there have been some might good points to this sobriety lark. For ease of vision, they are set out below:

  • Weight loss – yup.. combined with some better eating since July, have in total lost a stone. Not a huge amount but enough to be noticed and to spur me on further with it.
  • Better skin.. my face has got less defined wrinkles… Fact.
  • Nicer person (well, within reason, let’s not make this account unbelievable) – my stroppiness is a bit better and more silliness has come to the fore.. much to the delight of the kids.
  • Memory and cognition seem sharper – to be fair it was so crap, any improvement is miraculous.
  • I carry less guilt which on it’s own makes me feel lighter, less self-flagellating going on = less pain
  • I’d say more money but that’s a load of rubbish.. having just spent any savings on fixing the car and buying myself stuff simply because I wasn’t spending it on booze..

Will I continue with it? – well, I need to get past this Saturday night first as Mr P and I are going out out and I have the option of buying a Golden Ticket (basically you donate £15 to your own fund to have the night ‘off’ from being sober so that you can have a drink) and therefore I am torn. I have found though that I get the placebo effect from drinking alcohol free/shit beer and in fact even sound a bit pissed when I have had a couple. I also LOVE not having hangovers or the horrors the next morning. Will that be enough to keep me away in future? Can I just drink at weekends or at occasions? I’d like to think so but this is a difficult one to play.. if I act all stern and tell myself that I will never drink again.. well I might as well just open a pub… buuuut.. if I try and remain nonchalant about it.. I might just trick myself into being sensible. Might.


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