The Towel Issue


So I don’t know what it’s like in your house but one of our current issues revolves around towels. Not sanitary towels. Not trowels. Towels. The fluffy/crispy variety that you dry yourself off with. Sounds simple doesn’t it? You shower or bath and you use a towel. The towel dries and you reuse it again until you deem it dirty enough to wash.

Nah, not in in our house. The towels revolve around in a hedonistic fashion like they have a mind of their own. “But I was using the green one!!” shouts one person to the other, “No you weren’t” they hysterically retort, “I used it to dry my hair!”… not only do we have cross person usage going on, we have cross person/body parts usage happening… god forbid any of us had any athlete’s foot.. oops too late.. one of us does. Can you get athlete’s head?

And the anger that results is almost funny – if it weren’t for nigh on violent – ” I TOLD you, it’s MY towel!”… and sooooo many towels… sometimes the cupboard is bare and the banister is buckling under the sheer weight of the towel situation. There are the smaller white ones which I personally prefer to dry my hair with. Unfortunately the boys like to dry their bodies (nether regions) with these too..Then there is the turquoise one that the EO has claimed for herself but occasionally Mr P uses it, cue apocalyptic disaster. The big red and green ones that are about a million years old but you can barely tell because they cost more than a fiver in Primark, are usually claimed by myself and Mr Petit… apart from when the MO decides he now deserves a larger towel. To Use Once. Plus I nearly break my neck because he leaves said large towel draped around his bedroom furniture in the sort of booby trap worthy of a Goonie accolade.

I sit there in the middle of the night fantasising about the years ahead when the children will have left home and there will be just a few beautiful towels, perhaps colour coded for Mr and Mrs Petit.. hell we could even have our names embroidered on them. Rotating blissfully without any emotional trauma involved. In the meantime I shall scour Pinterest for ideas on how to store them when in use so that no cross-infection occurs and a life isn’t lost in the Towel Wars.


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